About Fund

Organization and execution of carity actions

Charity assistance to families with low income, lonely pensioners, children’s pre-shool institutions

Help in constructing cultural, educational, sport and other buildings

Assistance to citizens suffered from natural disasters or military activites

Assistance to families lost family providers

Opening of free catering points

Piblishing activity with the purpose of development of cultural and moral values

Organization of joint activity with other charity funds an organizations

Assistance in opening cultural centers, educational institutions, boarding schools, orphanage shelters for orphanages under procedure set forth in the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

Creation of education and informative sires, use of It program service

Activities on involvement of charity From dosmestic and foreign individual and legal entities to support the Fund projects

Implemenation of commercial. Intermediary and other transactions to use the obtained income for charity purposes and solution of other tasks in accordance with the Articles

Assistance to gifted youth

Trensfer of contributions in the form of goods and medications to the people in need in Republic, the CIS, and foreign countries through its representation offices

Carrying out propaganda activities, notification of the Fund’s charity activity in mass media.


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