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Dear friends!

Photo 5321329193025391357 YI welcome you to the official website of our Public Foundation “DEMILGE. KG.”

We are a public foundation that has been helping to realize the best dreams for the Future of our Children for 10 years.

Our Foundation provides educational services, helping to find THE VERY UNIVERSITY where you want to study and receive a quality education.

We hold educational exhibitions and fairs in which leading universities from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Europe, China, the USA, Korea, and Japan take part.

We cooperate with large university corporations and help find their students in Kyrgyzstan.

Success comes with knowledge!

Today we learn, and tomorrow we win!

On our website and on the official page of our Foundation on Instagram you will always find up-to-date information about many educational institutions in the world.


Come! We will always support you! May our communication always bring you positivity and success!

Best wishes, President of the public foundation “Demilge. KG"

Our projects and news:

  • The educational exhibition-fair will open on October 26, 2023 at school No. 2 in Tokmok. October 27 – will be held at the Park Hotel from 10:00 to 14:00.

Our partners:

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Our contacts:

Kyrgyz Republiс,


Abdymomunov St 221 app 403

WhatsApp : 996555997171

Telegram: 996772902901